PProtein Nut Choc Variety Pack - 3 pack 0,75kg


Protein Nut Choc Variety Pack - 3 pack 0,75kg

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Creamy, crunchy & white

Protein-rich spread in a triple pack
Chocolate nut spread in creamy/crunchy and white
Delicious & low-carb

1. Contained in this triple pack are:

A jar of each of Protein Nut Choc Creamy, Protein Nut Choc Super Crunch and Protein White Choc – three unbeatably delicious chocolate spreads.

2. Great for your low-carb breakfast

The protein-rich chocolate spreads fit perfectly into a figure-conscious diet as they are low in carbohydrates and sugar, but provide a good serving of whey protein for building up and maintaining muscles. Therefore superbly suited, for example, for your low-carb breakfast!

Product highlights:

  • Low-carb spread
  • Delicious creamy or crunchy with pieces of hazelnut 
  • With about 21% whey protein & high-quality fats
  • Contains up to 14% hazelnuts
  • Chocolate-y taste
  • Only 0.3 g of sugar per serving
  • Ideal for breakfast or for in-between meals
  • For figure and health-conscious people
  • Low in sugar & kind to teeth 

3. Snack without remorse - low in sugar and rich in protein

Protein Nut Choc, Nut Choc Super Crunch and White Choc accordingly provide very good alternatives for satisfying the desire to eat something sweet during a build-up and diet phase. They are also ideal for a change in diet if you want to save calories and lose weight, but can hardly do without your beloved chocolate spread.


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